Treux North Wellness


 Transformative Coaching and Professional Consulting 

Areas of Practice


Health coaching | wellness coaching

Coaching clients to facilitate and envoke change from within to improve health and well being. Designed to help people to identify and overcome barriers to live healthier lifestyles. Health Coaching is client centered support to create a strategic action plan to facilitate behavioral lifestyle change. Coaching is an alliance to encourage individuals to adopt healthy behaviors with the outcome of preventative care. Our goal is to coach our clients for behavioral change to maximize health.

nutrition coaching

General guidance for non-medical nutrition education. Our services serve as a resource for healthy food choices that provide support to clients to make lasting dietary changes to achieve healthier lifestyles. Relevant and practical principals of healthy eating and food preparation. Focus on helping clients to develop a basic understanding, as nutrition is a key component of health and wellness. 


Speaking engagements


wholistic stress management





fitness | special events

Empowering and educating clients about fitness and health. Safe, effective, appropriate, structured exercise programs for one-on-one and small groups. Designed to assist clients to enhance their fitness and adopt lifestyle behavior change.  

Worksite Wellness Solutions


weight management

A client centered approach to assist clients into action for meaningful and lasting behavior lifestyle changes. Our services help clients to achieve weight loss goals and manage a healthy weight. 


workshops | health education




Strategic consulting | FacILITATION