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Headquartered in New Orleans, we offer coaching and consulting services both nationally and internationally. Our mission is to inform, empower, and inspire individuals, organizations, and communities to pursue their best path to wellness.  Our specialities include healthy lifestyle behavior change, weight loss and weight management, wholistic stress management, worksite wellness solutions, capacity building and strategic planning.  Whether you're an entrepreneur, parent, community or faith-based leader, educator, non-profit leader, or corporate employee, our team can help you build a culture of health for your family, worksite, and community.  

Our coaches have been practicing for over a decade and our founder has been consulting in New Orleans since 2003.  We believe that health disparities and lack of access to health education and wellness resources are critical social justice issues.  We’re on the pulse of modern wellness and coaching - a team of uniquely qualified professionals who serve as allies to position you for lasting lifestyle behavioral change.

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